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Own it!

"Make your day awesome". "Make your day great". "Its up to you".

This is how I leave my children every single day. When I drop them off at summer camp, school, wherever, I always say, "Make your day awesome. Its up to you". Its not "good-bye" or "have a great day" as some would say. This simple change of words reminds my kids that they own their attitude each and every moment, of every day.

Words are so powerful. Words can be hurtful and break you down so easily. Sometimes (ok all the time) my kids fight and they come to me saying, she said, "I don't know how to read" or he said, "I'm not good at math". I ask them, "Is it true?" and the typical answer is "NO". So, I say, "I'm glad you know who you are, now, MOVE ON!" People will have opinions. Opinions about you, about themselves and about the world. And you can have opinions too! That's what makes us human! We all need to take a stand and believe what we believe. Sometimes people do not agree with our opinions and you may not agree with theirs. But that is what makes us unique individuals! We all have something to give, something to share and something we are passionate about!

Ok, so, the fighting and name calling is a poor example, but at the early stages of life, this competitive need to show significance starts so much earlier than we all anticipate. So, how can we help our children cope?

I tell my kiddos, no one person can ruin their day and no one person can "make" you happy. You own your emotions and you are the only one that can choose how you feel. A person may affect your emotional state, but as a living, breathing, human being, YOU choose how YOU react to those negative or positive influences.

Parents, here's what I think we say.... Stand tall kiddos! You have the ability to be positive, be strong and be YOU! Don't ever let anyone tell you how to THINK. You can agree to disagree but do so gracefully. Be kind and respect our differences. We all have something to give. We all have a purpose. How will you "make your day awesome?!" Because at the end of the day, "You own it!"

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