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Just when you think you are an awesome parent...

I love the outdoors! Our family loves the outdoors! This weekend we are going camping! But even this is not without its trials and tribulations. Its been fun all week thinking about hanging out with our friends, what we will do and what we will bring! You look around at your family and everyone is helping. Some are baking, some are packing, some are staying out of the way and you smile. "This is what life is about!" And just after you had the happy feeling of, "maybe I am doing the right thing", everything changes. All of a sudden washing dishes after baking is a life or death situation. Fight or Flight comes into play and you would think someone just broke into our house and my child was trying to scare them away but yelling, screaming, laying on the floor kicking. How could this be? A minute ago everyone was signing to the music, having a great time...all was calm.

So, why do our children do this?

In my situation, I think my kids are over scheduled and tired...just plain tired. You would think summer is a time for relaxation but not in this family. We are still running on high speed with no time to spare.

What could I have done differently? Tell me...comment below. My daughter LOVES to bake and cook. My requirement is, if you bake, you need to clean up before moving on to the next thing. WE HATE CLEANUP! After my 345th conversation about how this works, to no avail, the meltdown occurred. So, what did I do? Without anger, I repeated myself over and over and over. "Why can't I make my scones?" Honey, when this mess is cleaned up, you can start your next project. But "Why can't I make my scones?" "Honey, Asked and Answered" and the asked and answered part was repeated through the STORM. After running away (and hopefully thinking), a calm, very sad, very sorry little girl came back and apologized to me and her Daddy. She asked one more time in her sweet, "I love you" voice and did I give in? Nope, I had already done the dishes and repeated, "Honey, Asked and Answered". She retreated to do something else.

Our children need to learn respect and know who's in charge. Did this make me feel good? Absolutely NOT. Was she happy? Absolutely NOT. But knowing that next time she might think twice, I feel this was a successful parenting moment!

Here are some of our favorite cookbooks! and more to come on "teaching responsibility"!

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