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Minimalism and Significance

It's the latest craze. Tiny houses, simplicity and minimalism. I'd like to think I am close to this way of thinking and living! Or maybe not. I don't have my dream home. I don't acquire many knick-knacks (for those that are younger, that means "house stuff"). But I have what I need. A roof over my head, way too much stuff I bought from consignment or thrift shops and my family. My walls are generally bare. I don't have much to dust. My closet storage is, well, organized. But I like the things I like, and that is my obsession. I love Thrift Shops. I love Estate Sales. What am I looking for? NOTHING! You never know what you will find. I enjoy Wine. I am obsessed with Outdoor Games that no one plays! Why? Because that is ME!

Reading this article made me stop and think: Stop Chasing Success. Seek Significance.

Am I living a life of Significance? This, along with many other readings lately, I think I have found my purpose. Financial success is great, but as I look to my future, how will I find significance? My mom just retired. I'm worried for her. She has no hobbies, no plans. Work was her life. Will she be OK? Absolutely, but she needs to figure out who she is. My manager at work said the same thing. She is going to work until she dies because work is her life. Is there more to life than "work"? I think so. I love the idea in this article that states: "Find your career outside of your job." That is EXACTLY what I am doing. My passion is for our youth today. Whether its the school system, Girl Scouts, First Robotics LEGO League, Sports affiliations, Church...I am working on finding my significance. My first step is obtaining my Masters Certificate in Youth Development from Kansas State University. What will I do with this? Well, I hope to build a following and eventually a coaching business. That my GOAL!

How will you find significance?

Thanks in advance for your support as I begin this journey!

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